After the interview | Feedback letters

After the interview | Feedback letters

Feedback letters

In previous articles we provided an interview preparation guide, including the frequently asked interview questions. But there are also essential steps to be done after the interview.

Be consistent in your work and keep in touch with the interviewer after the interview. Keeping in touch with the recruiter at every stage of the hiring process shows that you are genuinely interested in the position. With this letter you will stand out from the other candidates and become more impressive.

Feedback letters can generally be divided into three groups:
1. immediately after the interview
2. ongoing
3. after receiving an offer / rejection letter.

To write these letters competently, follow the 5 steps listed below.

1. Pay attention to the "topic" field

The subject of the feedback letter should be clear and concise in order to save the recruiter's time. For example, "Thank you for your time [insert interviewer's name]", "Feedback on the [vacancy name] vacancy" or simply "Thank you".

2. Express gratitude in the first paragraph

In the first paragraph, mention the name of the position, thanking the interviewer for the time provided to you and showing your interest in the further course of the interview and the company.

3. Talk about your interests, goals and experience

In the second paragraph, list the name of the company, as well as the point / purpose of the interview that seemed especially relevant to the interviewer. Relate that point to your experience and interests. Try to be as unique as possible here.

4. Set yourself apart from other candidates

In the last paragraph, summarize what makes you unique as a candidate, and what the position will give you. Mention at the end that you are open to any question and looking forward to the answer.

5. Mention your first and last name and contact details at the end

Complete the letter with your signature (usually the first and last name is used) and contact information.



It is recommended that you write an ongoing letter if you have not received a reply within the period specified. In this case, wait for two more days and write a letter to the company or responsible person regarding your desire to know about your result. If they do not answer, try calling again in two days. If this is also left with no response, then there is no point in taking another step.


After receiving an offer / rejection, it is also needed to write a letter. If you are rejected, be sure to thank them both in writing and verbally, saying that you are grateful for their attention and that you are happy to have known them. Never express a negative attitude towards the person who informs you about the rejection.

If you are given a positive answer, give an adequate emotional reaction. The caller should feel your motivation, but you should not be too excited, as it will sometimes be taken lightly. After that you can write a letter thanking once and showing your motivation.



If you have any questions regarding the interviews, you are welcome to contact our career specialists who will apply their professional knowledge to the best for helping you.

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