How to build an influential Personal Brand?

How to build an influential Personal Brand?

Personal Branding

We all know that companies and brands have their own brand. However, many do not make enough effort to develop a personal brand.

Personal branding does not mean to become famous, but to tell your story.

No matter what value you create as an entrepreneur, creator or professional, no matter what professional you are, it will be an integral part of your life story.

An effective personal brand implies:

• Being active in the network, which will help you get new partners and get support for ideas.
Being trustworthy, thus creating a stable presence.
Creating a lasting platform through which you can share your efforts.
Giving your business a real name and "face" to gain more trust from consumers.

Here are some tips on how to grow your personal brand ․


1. Introduce yourself

The strength of your brand is not the number of followers, but your activity - the sum of all actions. This can include Twitter activity, comments under articles, your own posts, research, and more. In other words, a series of expectations, memories and stories that are associated with you.

2․ Make your story immediate

You create your story and you can control it.

Do not be afraid to start from the beginning ել tell the world how you got to where you are now, from point A to point B. The larger the space between points A and B you create, the more powerful your story will be in distinguishing you.

3․ Act and tell people

No one will notice the wonderful result of your efforts if you do not share it.

Tell people about your successes (for example, your new business, sales) or just share positive customer feedback. On the way to implementing the idea from scratch, to build initial capital, you can get that positive reinforcement from your friends, acquaintances and relatives.

4․ Share your story with content

Content marketing is an incredibly universal strategy for building a personal brand.

Share your story, teach what you have learned or share your struggle, motivating people of "interesting", "educational" and "personal" nature. Think about the question of which social ․ Do you want to use the platform to share professional content (Medium, Facebook, LinkedIn)?

5․ Join targeted groups!

Search for or create groups within your field that include your target audience.

Your actions should ultimately aim to promote value in these groups. But in order for people not to react negatively to unfounded self-promotion, before posting anything, ask yourself if you are not breaking the rules of the group.

6․ Optimize your social media pages for your personal brand

Although your biography in different social platforms will be different, in general theses will be included in it:
• Your name and profile picture
• Companies and other social pages related to you
• Relevant keywords related to your activity
•  A shade that reflects your personality

You can include links to your website, blog, vlog and articles in your CV․ This is the place where your "digital footprint" arouses interest in your profile and gives you the opportunity to communicate with you and later, perhaps, to become a customer.

Thus, the 3 main elements of your personal brand are the target audience, the value proposition and what makes you unique.

Your personal brand will grow naturally when you learn to bring out the best in your work.


Magnus Careers specialists will be happy to help you build your unique and impressive personal brand․ Contact us at :)

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